This was a big week, though mostly because I went to BJ’s for the first time since July.

My first stop was Stop & Shop on Tuesday where I spent $59.69.  Apologies for the dark picture.  The M&M item in the bottom center was my free item of the week, a single serve cake mix.  We’ll see how that is.


I picked up our Farmer’s to You box on Thursday for $41.95.


Friday was the big trip to BJ’s – $330.03!  Actually, after so much time off that’s not terrible, just a bit higher than it would usually be.


Lastly, I made two stops I Saturday.  I went to the farm stand for a few local items (if I’d realized I’d be at the grocery store later I would have purchased the lemons there).  They cost $33.77.


Finally, we had a request for sausages with our hot dogs so I went to Wegman’s.  That came to $82.45 but should carry us through the first half of the week.


That brought the weekly total to a very large $547.89.