Welcome!  I’m Nora, mom to five boys and one girl, ages 2-12 including identical twins.  We fit 8 people into busy suburban life.  I’m asked so often how this happens that I decided to write about it.

What’s here:

  • Grocery shopping (NOT couponing)
  • Meal planning
  • Travel stories
  • Household stories

In addition, while nobody pays me to do these, they help make good stories.  Some I think are great, specifically for big families.  And, some are not.

  • Product reviews
  • Recipes
  • Book reviews

I hope you’ll join me.  Have twins?  Have a toddler and twins?  A toddler and an infant?  Twins and an infant?  Kids in elementary school?  I’ve been through (or am living) all of that and just might write about it.