Well, clearly things have been busy.  Sorry for the gap.  I fell behind and then the catch up project just got bigger so I waited for a chance to do it justice.  That said, I’m going to zoom through October and November over the next two weeks rather than going week by week to just catch us all up to real time.  I generally prefer to write posts in real time, but if things gt busy gaps happen.

Since there was only one week left of September, we’ll go ahead with that in detail.

On Monday, I stopped at both Shaw’s ($36.12) and Wegman’s ($56.07).  Yes, it feels a bit silly to visit two grocery stores on the same day, but they’re in somewhat the same direction and Shaw’s is an infrequent visit for specific items: pizza dough and oatmeal.

Wednesday was the nursery school apple picking field trip.  While there I bought strawberries (hands down best in our area) for $6.99 from their farm stand.

IMG_1604 (1)

On Thursday, I returned to Wegman’s where I spent $171.89.

I also spent $44.10 on our Farmer’s to You box.


That brought the monthly totals to:

September TOTAL: $1,429.85

  • Stop & Shop: $236.94
  • Wegman’s: $579.47
  • BJs: $330.03
  • Local: $247.29
    • Farmers to You: $176.10
    • Other Local: $71.19
  • Other:  $36.12
    • Star Market/Shaw’s: $36.12
    • Target: $0
    • Other: $0

August was artificially low with vacations and it just being easier to shop after the kids headed back to school.  And, September was high, but not so high that it wiped out the deficit from August.