I knew I would need to do a lot of grocery shopping when we returned from our summer travels.  This would primarily be at BJs and Stop & Shop.  I made lists for both and, after a long debate, decided Stop & Shop would be the priority and get done first.  This was a harder decision that it might seem because we drink about a gallon of milk a day and milk at BJs had been enough cheaper than Stop & Shop that I went there whenever possible to buy it.  But, Stop & Shop had more of the things I really needed coming back to a rather empty fridge so it seemed better to go their first and eat the extra cost of a few gallons of milk.

I was thrilled to discover when I got there that milk had been reduced from $2.89 to $2.49 per gallon through Christmas.  That matches BJs price so I won’t have to drive the extra distance to BJs.  But, since I was going to BJs the next day anyway, I only bought 2 gallons (1% for most of us and whole for the little ones).

The math shows that if I do go to BJs I should buy all my milk there.  I get gas points at Stop & Shop.  So, for every $100 I spend, I get $0.10 off my gas purchase.  My minivan takes 18 gallons of gas, so $0.10/gallon * 18 gallons = $1.80 off for every $100 I spend on milk.  But, I get 2% back or $2.00 per $100 at BJs so that puts me slightly ahead.  If my car took 20 gallons, I’d come out even.  But, since BJs is roughly 20 miles further from my house, I’ll be buying most of my milk at the grocery store for a while, at least.