The short answer is yes.  The Babies R Us Lightweight Umbrella Stroller is good at what it does.  It’s $19.99 normally, but they regularly have buy $X worth of stuff to get the stroller free.  Last I remember it was $50, which is eminently doable if you’re still dealing with baby items.  But, you can buy anything in the store so presents for older kids work too in a combo Toys R Us/Babies R Us store.


It has no storage, which is a downer.  And, I don’t care for the sunshade (but it removes easily so just toss it).  But, even with my large kids it can be steered with one hand and it fold/unfolds very easily.  Since it takes up no space in my trunk it lives there for all the times I go in and out but need/want the baby to stay sitting.  Even if you have a fancier stroller, I definitely recommend picking up this freebie!