It’s been 4 weeks since my attempt at monthly BJs shopping and I didn’t quite make it.  I went last week.  It turns out that I desperately underestimated the amount of baby cheeses and shrimp my guys will eat.  And, I have to go again in 3 weeks to pick up fruit for soccer snack.  Six weeks is just too long to shop for so I’m doing two 3 week chunks this time.  I didn’t realize that when I set my original goal.  And, I am due for the occasional Target run.  I put those together because they’re near each other and not so much my house.  Here’s what I got food-wise at those two stops.

IMG_2550 IMG_2552

Beforehand, I sorted our pantry.  Here are the before pictures.

IMG_2537 IMG_2538

I took out all the paper party stuff that is rarely used and put it in a box elsewhere which freed up an additional shelf so I could spread out a bit.  I also reorganized and regrouped, especially on the lower two shelves.  In so doing I realized that I overbought white sugar and turkey gravy during the last holiday periods.  But, I underbought flour (one of the reasons to go to Target).  I’ll try to guesstimate better this year.  I also have way more cumin than I’ll use anytime soon.  Here are the after pictures.

IMG_2539 IMG_2541

Here’s the plan for this week.  We still have some lasagna and will have a lot of chicken pot pie, so leftovers twice this week.

Chicken pot pie
Green beans


BBQ chicken
Deviled eggs
Wax beans
Corn on the cob

Macaroni & cheese


Sweet Potato

Kids: poached eggs
Adults: homemade pizza