As my kids are getting bigger I obviously need to feed them more.  Initially this moved us from cooking for two to cooking for the equivalent of four, which is great for many recipes.  However, now we’ve moved to needing food for the equivalent of 5-6 adults, depending on the meal.  So, the current issue I’m struggling with is whether I should make more of the one thing or add more foods to the meal.  I’ve done a bit of both so far.  We’ve doubled the chili recipe – everyone likes it and it makes fine leftovers.  We’re also happy to eat leftover chicken pot pie, but not everyone is as thrilled with this dish.  So, even though it’s a one pot meal, I’ve started to add green sides which appeal to those who’d prefer not to eat pot pie.  I go back and forth.  Making more things is definitely more complicated.  But, variety is nice and it helps to offer something for everyone.