Last week was an odd grocery shopping week.  Not only am I trying to get the most bang for my buck with two stores offering significant weekly deals currently.  But, I also needed to do my every two months or so visit to a third grocery store for the three items they carry that nobody else does (plus one sale item).  At Stop & Shop, I need to spend $50 before coupons to get $5 off plus a free item.  This week’s free item was the bottled water.  I don’t usually buy it, and we use it only rarely, but I’m not turning it down either.  The final total for the stuff in the picture was $43.39.


I’m going to Wegman’s again later in the week (to use the week 2 coupons) so I loaded those items I could buy at either store into the Wegman’s app so I could compare prices while I was at Stop & Shop.  I really appreciate that the app gives you the prices, but I really don’t like that I can’t find a complete list anywhere of what’s on sale.  I’ll do a full Wegman’s review after my four weeks of intro offers are completed.  But, while I was at Stop & Shop I compared 5 items, all of which were cheaper at Wegman’s.  Now, none were on sale at Stop & Shop while three were on sale at Wegman’s; I don’t know what their regular prices are, but two weren’t on sale.  That being said, milk and bananas were exactly the same so it’s better to buy them at Stop & Shop and get the gas points (or BJs and get the cash back!).  Also, I got bread cheaper at Stop & Shop (and I’m not super brand loyal).  And, there were a few items that I wanted that Wegman’s doesn’t carry so I bought those too.

For anyone who’s keeping track, I think the Monday posts are getting too long.  So, I’m only going to post the upcoming week’s menu once a month (give or take).  If I get too many comments otherwise I can do it more often again.