I went to Stop & Shop for my main visit yesterday.  I needed a bit more than the $64 I mentioned Monday so to maximize my savings / coupons I went through twice.  The first time I stopped scanning at just over $57 and had $11 in coupons plus got 300 bonus gas points.


The lamb was obviously the big ticket item, on a great sale.  It might be hard to tell but the white block in front is wrapped fish (cod) and there’s a bag of lettuce.

The second time through I got yet another bag of potatoes.  To use the coupon for it and the oil I needed to spend $25 after coupons so I stopped scanning at just over $27.  Once again the oil and potatoes were the great deal this week.  The tomato sauce sale is ending so I stocked up on that too.  It’s regularly $1.19 each, but is on sale 3/$1 which is the lowest it ever gets.


The total of all this plus Monday’s visit was still under $100.