I didn’t get much done between Christmas and having everyone off work/school for two weeks.  So, last week I felt like I got a lot done.

  • Did a fair bit of Christmas cleanup:
    • Took down both trees and put out on the curb for pickup
    • Put away all ornaments, lights, and other tree stuff. Threw out a set of mini-lights that died after they got put on the tree (thankfully they were at the very bottom so we didn’t even notice).
    • Put wreath out in the trash
    • Cleaned out most of the Christmas packaging
    • Packed up most of the recycling for this week when it hopefully won’t be so windy
    • Returned one item that didn’t make the cut.
  • Everyone made it to work/school on Monday on time, despite our being very lax with the schedule during the break
  • Six errands during preschool on Monday so I only had to take the youngest with me
    • One was to move our prescriptions to a local pharmacy from a chain where the customer service was intolerable
  • Two very well planned trips to the grocery store
  • Seven nice, homemade dinners
  • Put away all outgrown clothing, threw out worn clothing, and audited available clothing for the youngest
  • Reconciled all accounts for December and did the budget update (Because so much of our life revolves around the school year our plan starts July 1. This was just the monthly update and halfway review.)  Set up/paid January bills.
  • Signed the boys up for spring activities