Everyone’s getting back to their routine.  That being said, even though I’ve kept up with throwing out 5 items per day, I’m not making a dent in the major problem areas.  I suspect this is because the problems are so large and at the holidays we’ve had a lot of stuff enter the house.  So, I’m going to try to use this space to show my progress thereby encouraging me to stay on track.

  • Did a major playroom cleanup, including taking down the VERY old artwork. Some was replaced with new drawings, but mostly we’ve got blank walls now waiting for new creations.
  • Got the three older boys’ ski stuff ready for their trip at the end of the month. Our oldest has been once; the twins have never been.  So, this involved determining what we had, getting a helmet for free, and buying a few new items (especially for the younger two who were in need of new snowpants anyway).
  • Grocery trips to Shaw’s, Stop & Shop, and BJs
  • Entered two months of Pampers Gifts to Go codes (yes, I could do this every month and get prizes, but they’re not worth the time to log in that often)
  • Replaced the shower curtain
  • Baked blueberry muffins for a meeting
  • Wrapped 7 gifts for upcoming birthday parties
  • Repaired 5 books (unfortunately this is an insignificant portion of the pile)