They’re saying we’re getting north of 2 feet.  Yes, that is a lot for around here.  Maybe a top 5 storm; likely top 10.

What I’ve realized, though, is that my storm preparation is different from others.  A few years back we were under a boil order.  This did not bother me deeply as we still had running water for toilets and we had some bottled water at home.  And, it was not a natural disaster, but a malfunction in the system so a few days seemed like a reasonable time for it to be repaired.  The one thing I didn’t have that I wanted was paper bowls so I didn’t need to do dishes (we usually have some paper plates and cutlery available for parties).  So, I went to Walgreen’s to discover that the water and hand sanitizer were entirely sold out but paper products were, thankfully, untouched.  I’m not sure how I’m the only one who preferred to use paper vs boil water that I then was going to use to do dishes.  I am sure that a power outage is worse than useable but non-potable water.  A lack of indoor plumbing would be entirely different.

Fast forward to now.  It’s often said that folks buy milk, bread, and eggs when a big storm is coming.  This week I heard a new take – bread, batteries, and beer.  Either way, I went to Target yesterday and two grocery stores today and bought none of those things.

Here’s what I got at Stop & Shop.  It had nothing to do with the storm other than schedule.  We’re told not to be sure we’re getting out on Wednesday and have no scheduled reason to leave the house on Thursdays (in general) so Monday is the last day these sales will be available.


I also went to Wegmans.  I could have waited until Friday (as I better be out by then), but the pork butt is storm related as we intend to smoke it if the power goes out.


My primary preparations consisted of getting as much laundry and dishes done as possible so as not to run out.  I also put the heat a little higher at night so we have farther to go before freezing should the power go out.  I unplugged the house phone so we’re not awakened by the 5 am “no school” call; the cells will be in night mode but get through in an emergency.  Finally, among my errands I took my bucket to the DPW to fill it with their salt/sand mixture.

Best of luck for anyone who needs to shovel.  We’ll see what this actually brings us.