We got it!  Unlike some other parts of the country we really did get the forecasted amount – 2 feet!  This dealt us two days without school (assuming they’re back tomorrow) and some nice pictures.

IMG_2859 IMG_2860 IMG_2869

Realize this is one snowstorm, we had nothing beforehand.  Here’s the sidewalk to give another idea of the depth, though its a bit hard to see.


That being said, us folks away from the coast got a lot of wind, but no real problems.  So, I’m curious what folks are going to do with all the gallons of water and bundles of wood I saw them buying on Monday.

I don’t understand the water.  We used to be on a well so I understand there are places where having bottled water is necessary in a storm.  But, we’re part of a gigantic metropolitan water system which has failed once in my memory, and that still brought boilable water.   Also, it is snow.  One can collect from outside and melt it.  I admit we do have some bottled water, though probably not the gallon/person/day for 3+ days they recommend, since we largely have it because the grocery stores give it away for free over the summer in greater quantities than we consume.  It is nice to have some, but buying gallons before a snowstorm just doesn’t make sense to me.

Firewood does make sense.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures and hope we have school tomorrow; they’re forecasting another (potentially school cancelling) storm for Monday.