The big problem with taking seven people to eat, especially if many are children, is that most restaurants insist on putting you in a too-small booth or table with the high chair on the end.  So, we’re already elbow to elbow and then one has to find a way to clear the entire reach of the toddler least hot, tippy, etc. items end up in their hands and then mouth.

I understand they’d like to make the most money by fitting more people into their restaurant.  And, I understand that kids take up a seat, but probably aren’t spending as much as adults.  But, I have little sympathy for the largely empty restaurant that insists on putting together only three two-person tables when there are only four along the wall (seems like a common arrangement around here).  I mean, really, who is going to want to be seated next to us when they have almost the entire rest of the place to choose from.  In those cases we often just claim the extra table so the high chair can be brought in like a regular chair.

I’ve learned that this problem doesn’t exist in Canada as wherever we have been the high chairs have trays, like one does at home.  I’m not sure if this is a rule or what, but all restaurants have exactly the same make of high chairs  as Wendy’s does here just with the addition of the tray.  This is excellent because we can fit at a smaller table with the high chair to the side, like at home.

Of course, all will change once he needs a chair too.