I was going to take a break from writing about snow, but then I looked out the window and, guess what, more flakes falling from the sky.  These are definitely just flurries, but still.

In case you have missed it, Boston has gotten a lot of snow this year – just about all in the last month.  We’ve gotten twice our average amount and its barely ever gotten out of the teens, let alone above freezing.  We’ve reached the point where this is the second snowiest winter ever and yesterday they announced we were running at the second coldest February ever.  I don’t know if that will hold, but its not warm today and tomorrow’s forecast is no better.

The top two conversations – how to clear ice dams and how to break the snowfall record.

There are plenty of ideas on what to do about ice dams (or damns as folks have switched to) online so I won’t say more on that.

How to break the record, however, is up for debate.  Having crossed 100 inches to 101.8” (most of which is still on the ground albeit compacted to about 3 feet of solidness), we need fewer than 6” to break the all time record of 107.6 set in 1995-1996.  (I haven’t lived here very long but apparently arrived just in time to witness the top two winters.  Yeah.)  I am firmly in the camp that wants one storm with all of it so we can plow/shovel and then get on with the melting.  Many others, however, would like it to fall an inch or two at a time so we’re not inundated again.  Given the long range forecast for March I feel confident we’ll get there one way or another.

Meanwhile, a new topic is starting to emerge.  With all the melting required, how long will it be muddy and what affect will that have on kids’ spring sports.  I’m thinking it will not be good, but I’ll have to get back to you in a few months.  Kids spring sports start in April.