We’ve got the little guy better contained again (and the novelty is starting to wear off for him) so I was able to get more done.

  • Spring soccer registration for 1 child
  • Baseball clinic registration for 3 children
  • Fixed the time on the clocks/thermostats for Daylight Savings
  • Started organizing/shopping for next weekend’s party
  • Attended the 3rd grade music concert
  • Signed up for Spring parent/teacher conferences
  • Threw out 1 sock
  • Threw out 2 pairs of pants
  • Fixed 0 books – But, there is a bit of a pile that will be dealt with next week.
  • Made cupcakes for the actual birthday
  • Wrapped two presents for birthday parties (we have ours plus a number of others in this two week stretch.)


And, while I can’t really take credit for this:

  • Boston passed the single season snow mark (so it can stop snowing now thank you)