I find myself waiting for one child or another multiple times per week.  Sometimes one can watch the children, in which case my preferred waiting activity is to watch them while talking with the other adults.  But, my toddler usually doesn’t let me stay in one place so we watch briefly (if I’m lucky) before watching someone else’s child (always more interesting) while I follow him around so he doesn’t leave or otherwise get into trouble.  When the weather gets nicer I will take him for a walk in the stroller, but according to the Weather Channel that is no time soon.  Maybe next year when he can be dropped off for these 30-45 min activities I’ll bring a book.  It’s not really long enough to leave and actually get anything done.

The trickier one for me is the 5-10 minute wait before picking someone up.  Honestly, I play Candy Crush.  Yes, that’s a bit cliché.  But, I spend no money and I bother no Facebook friends.  I like puzzles and am willing to try again (or wait) until the Tooth Fairy comes along and promotes me to the next level or the lives regenerate.

I’d like to do something more productive, but what.  I used to keep a magazine in the car, but that’s not much better.  I do try to think up quick errands, but unless it’s a drive through nothing is quick with a toddler in tow.  I’m open to suggestion.