I can say spring is here now, though there is still snow on the ground in places.  Here are some fairly large patches from our yard taken yesterday.

IMG_3146 IMG_3149

  • Registered the boys for the last round of school year activities
  • Put 3 spring soccer schedules and 1 spring baseball schedule in my calendar
  • Dealt with one more stomach sick kid
    • Did a lot of excess laundry & cleaning as a result
  • Rejoiced at the idea of being stomach bug free.
  • Prepped freezer cubes of cilantro & chicken broth
  • Divided and froze a bulk package of ground beef
  • Cleaned and put away all the snowpants
    • Note – there is STILL snow on the ground. And, it hasn’t really reached 60 yet.  But, its April so they’re going away.  Unfortunately the hats and gloves will have to wait as we still need those sometimes.
  • Cleaned and put away the snow boots.
    • It’s a little muddy still, but not too bad in most places (in our yard anyway).
  • Cleaned and put away scarves, balaclavas, ski helmets & goggles
  • Swept the driveway in an attempt to keep the remaining winter road sand out of our house
  • Went to the park! It was actually sunny and nice out one day this week.
  • Ordered some shorts for our oldest who needs a new size
  • Fixed the Minecraft pickaxe