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Well, I’m gearing up for summer!  Planning is underway for our summer trip which looks to be a short one to eastern Pennsylvania.  As such (and because we intend to visit again), I thought I’d recap our previous two trips to Sesame Place.  This will remind me of what to expect and hopefully interest/educate.

We first took our older three boys Sesame Place (outside Philadelphia) when they were not quite 2 (x2) and not quite 4.  The main logic behind this timing kids under 2 are free, and we had two such candidates!  The second time we went was after our fourth child turned two as going before his second birthday really wasn’t feasible.  I hadn’t been since I was single digits so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect.

Sesame Place has water rides and dry rides. Two days is really the right amount of time. (Conveniently a base ticket option is a free second day).  We drove down the night before and back at the end of the second day so it was 2 nights/2 days. There was a lot more water than I remember.  That gave us one wet day and one dry day; if you are driving direct do the wet day first.   They don’t have changing rooms (unless you pay for a cabana). The coed pavilions are fine for kids to change, but not really for adults so if you want to change out of wet stuff you end up in the bathroom.  It would have been better to do the water stuff on the first day and plan to stay dry the second. Of course, if you’re staying another night in a hotel it doesn’t matter. And, it wasn’t that big a deal, just one thing to deal with. We also didn’t do naps those days; we were at the park until roughly 4 each day.


While not technically a ride, the cargo nets are a favorite for my guys (you can see two of them up there).

My oldest never got into the character thing, but the younger ones did and when they were toddlers really enjoyed seeing the characters. The park is generally manageable with twins/strollers. The only issue we found is that a lot of the rides required one adult per kid. (From rides to dining, the entire place is really set up for families with 2 adults and 2 children.) We managed to work around this the first time by keeping the twins on the smaller rides where they could go together with an adult, but I imagine this could be an issue for somewhat older kids. So, there were a few rides the little ones couldn’t go on, but they didn’t notice because they were so excited by what they could do.  By the time we went back, the twins were plenty big to go on their own so we were back to a 1/1 ratio with the youngest (where it mattered)!