The weather’s gotten quite nice – warm, but not too hot.  We could use some rain though, so I’ve been watering a lot.

  • Added 1 pants, 2 pajamas, and 5 socks to the textile recycling bag
  • With the twins, planted the spruce trees they got at school for Arbor Day
  • Listed another online yard sale item.  But, they haven’t been selling and I’m told this group is very small and undeveloped.  So, I’m going to try a different online yard sale and see how that goes.
  • Cleaned the garage and did the winter -> summer conversion
  • Assembled a hockey net for the driveway
  • Assembled a beach cart to help me take to soccer all the stuff I need with five people
  • Took the oldest’s bike to get a new chain
  • Added basil & tomatoes to our garden
  • Put away all of my winter shoes