I remain glad that I did not sign up this year.  Specifically, we’re in the height of strawberry season here and there are not strawberries in the CSA box.  I bought a bunch.


The box itself is still very green.

The good:  english peas, spinach, cucumber, sugar snap peas

The ok: arugula & iceberg lettuce (I already have plenty of lettuce in our garden.), escarole & summer squash (not anyone’s favorites, but we’ll eat them), basil & cilantro (so much that it would need to be frozen)

The waste/donate: radish (don’t need two weeks in a row), garlic scapes, kale

I’ll go with the “good” category plus the summer squash & arugula.  I also purchased tomatoes this week.

We were able to harvest some strawberries from our garden – not too many but enough for two kids lunches.