Well, the green produce rolls on.  I feel like we’ve even gone a bit backwards as the good list is really short this week.

The good:  baby spinach and strawberries.

The ok: escarole & summer squash (not anyone’s favorites, but we’ll eat them – though we have a bunch of each already), dill (so much that it would need to be frozen), boston lettuce, arugula

The waste/donate: radish (don’t need three weeks in a row + school project), garlic scapes, kale, beets, Tuscan kale, kohlrabi

I’ll go with the “good” and “ok” categoryies minus the boston lettuce since we have that in our garden.  As I mentioned yesterday, we got a bunch of radishes from school.  We’ve also harvested lettuce and strawberries from our garden this week.  And, I bought some more tomatoes.