Well, we’ve been away for a few weeks so sorry for the lack of posting.  On the plus side, I’ve got a bunch of catching up to do as well as some new things to review / write about.

First, here’s the results of my June shopping.

  • June TOTAL: $618.01
    • Stop & Shop: $120.05
    • Wegman’s: $176.96
    • BJs: $165.67
    • Other: $155.33
      • Local: $54.96
      • Star Market: $63.49
      • Trader Joe’s: $25.14
      • Target: $9.95
      • Other: $1.79

Unfortunately I didn’t made it to the farmer’s market as much as I would have liked, largely because it rained that afternoon for two weeks in a row (and its outdoors in a grass/mud field).  Also, while this total looks low we traveled at the end of the month and ate out so I’m sure if that were factored in it would be a very high month.  This is reasonable for the number of days we were home.

Let’s also take a moment to get caught up on the CSA.  I did miss one week with the travel so this is the update for last week – week #5.  It is getting slightly more interesting.

The good:  blueberries, sugar snap peas, red leaf lettuce, baby arugula, baby spinach

The ok: zucchini (not anyone’s favorites, but we’ll eat them), salad onions, green leaf lettuce (two types is too much for one week)

The waste/donate: beets, golden beets, and kale (we have no use for any of these items), radish (too many already)

I’ll go with the “good” plus the zucchini.  All in all not a bad week.

I accept the lettuce now because the lettuce in our garden went nuts while we were gone.  It looks like little trees.  Frankly, its probably getting too hot for it now so I pulled it out in anticipation of other things.