We’re slowly getting back to normal eating, between traveling and such.  Baseball is still knocking out dinner twice a week though, but I think I just have come to terms with that.  The numbers are in line and I’m happy with the flow of produce coming through our house now.

  • June TOTAL: $749.13
    • Stop & Shop: $163.08
    • Wegman’s: $104.62
    • BJs: $277.95
    • Other: $203.48
      • Local: $52.43
      • Star Market: $139.11
      • Trader Joe’s: $11.94
      • Target: $0
      • Other: $0

I did get some grocery shopping done last week.  First I went to Wegman’s.


I went to both the farm stand and farmer’s market on Tuesday.  All of this produce is local (I’m not sure why the tomatoes came wrapped up.).


Then, late in the week I went to BJs.


That’s a lot of stuff.  But, for better or worse its mostly gone so we’ll do it all again next week.