We had planned a day in downtown Philadelphia after Sesame Place, but the weather forced our hand a bit so we put it in the middle.  The heavy rain also changed our downtown plans.  We had intended to visit the Liberty Bell and some of the other more historic sites, but opted for the larger indoor museums instead.

We started at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  First we ran the Rocky Steps.  Well, the older three boys ran them.  I walked up them and Peter took the younger two in the stroller around them.

Inside one of the twins wanted to take a picture of the statue.


We had planned to eat lunch there, but found the restaurant not kid friendly.  So we moved on to The Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University.  Here they did have a kid-friendly cafeteria, which was fine.  The museum was small, but the boys enjoyed the exhibits, especially the dinosaurs.

At this point the rain was really coming down so we made the actual decision not to visit the Liberty Bell.  Instead we went next door to the Franklin Institute.  The place was packed!  Thankfully, we were able to speed through the members line using our reciprocal privileges.  Inside were loads of rooms the boys enjoyed – gears & levers, trains, and airplanes.  We could easily go back again and this was hands down their favorite museum of the day.  We stayed until closing.