Lot’s of appointments last week; nothing very stressful.

  • Hosted a few contractors to (a) get work quoted and (b) change most of our lightbulbs to energy efficient ones.  We were about a quarter of the way through this process, but they moved us well past the 3/4 mark for free, and all LEDs (no CFDs is important to us).
  • Took oldest to the last two baseball games of the summer.
  • Had four doctor’s appointments.
  • Tried to attend a baby shower.  The 1.5h drive became for than a 3.5h drive with traffic that had no know cause (seemed like just vacationers vs construction/accident) so we turned back.  With everyone in the car and the need to make the round trip in a day this really wasn’t feasible.  We’ll try again to visit them this coming weekend.
  • Bought new bikes for the older boys.  Unfortunately one had to go back for a warranty repair.  Hopefully we have it again soon.
  • Received the back-to-school letters, school supply lists, teacher assignments, etc.