This is the second post about our trip to Disney World.

As a reminder, we’ve never stayed on property so we weren’t entirely sure what to expect.  We chose Port Orleans, French Quarter.  At Port Orleans we could get adjoining rooms without costing ourselves a small fortune.  The French Quarter side is smaller so things like the restaurant, bus, pool, etc are all closer, which was important to us.  By chance we ended up with a ground floor unit.  While I normally would not prefer this, the layout was such that we had very few people walk by our windows and no noise.  And, it was much easier to get the boys and stroller out every morning.

Our reaction was overwhelmingly positive.  (And, I’d request a ground floor again for ease of egress.)  True to description we were close to all the places we needed.  The rooms were plenty spacious, quiet (even to the adjacent neighbors), and reasonably well laid out.  There was no true closet, but there was plenty of high shelving to keep items from the two year old, which was wonderful.

We used the pool a few times, and the laundry once.  Neither was far.  Both were clean and modern.  My one issue with the pool is that the sight lines are terrible.  So, it was basically impossible to see more than one child at a time.  This seems to be a Disney thing as the same problem presents itself in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Dinosaur play areas.  But maybe they’ve figured this out because the sight lines at the newer Dumbo play area are much better.  But, the pool has lots of lifeguards who seemed to be very attentive.

We were particularly happy with the on-site restaurant.  It’s a food court which is a bit difficult with seven people, but by the second visit we had figured out how to handle this.  Also, being our first time on the meal plan we didn’t make “proper” selections the first time.  This was handled well also.  But, the food (specifically the ribs and fried chicken) were very good and a welcome break from the usual Disney burgers one finds in the park quick service restaurants.  We only ate dinner there so I can’t speak to breakfast or lunch.  We were so happy with it we ended up there two additional times when we decided to leave the parks early and swim after dinner.

Finally, the front desk handled all of our requests/questions well.  And, the store was both well stocked and reasonably priced.  We did not buy and souvenirs, but did purchase a few food items.  This got us through breakfast the first morning (before our order was delivered) and provided sandwiches and snacks for the plane ride home for much less than we would have had to pay in the airport.

Overall, I would try a Disney hotel, and specifically this one, again.