This is the second week where I had set out a few goals for myself.  Despite four people getting sick, I did get most of it done.

  • Finished the bill paying.
  • Finished dealing with the wedding present.
  • Went to the dentist.
  • Carved our pumpkins.  Since I do most of the carving, I decided four was enough for this year.  The boys drew the designs and I attempted to follow them.


  • Went trick or treating.  We were supposed to have Bumblee (the transformer), but it got left at school after the party so going through our costume closet he chose a storm trooper instead.


  • I finished gathering price info at BJs.  I still haven’t been to Wegman’s and probably won’t go until next week.  Since this is the store I most need info from, the price book update will take another few weeks.
  • I got the reuseable Halloween decorations put away.


  • I went to both the soccer game and baseball game for my oldest.  I don’t get to many of his games, so these were nice to see.  They won both.
  • I did some crazy grocery shopping at Stop & Shop.
  • I went to parent/teacher conferences for my older three.  All is well.