I’m not sure what WordPress was thinking when they launched the new Edit window because, quite frankly, I can’t find any benefit.  There’s only pain.

Let me count the ways:

  1. When you choose a category, “Uncategorized” now stays checked also, until you manually fix this.  Doesn’t this seem wrong, by definition.
  2. You can no longer see when the post will be published unless you open the Publish submenu, which promptly disappears when you go back to typing.
  3. I can no longer drag & drop images from other folders on the computer.  I actually have to look them up.
  4. Speaking of images, now you have to open the boxes that allow you to label the images separately.  They used to be right there.
  5. Similarly, it used to offer a list of past posts when you used the Link function.  Now you have to paste in the URL, which seems to require opening a separate tab.

Now, I hope I am wrong on some of these things.  Or, maybe they’re still working on the interface and some of the functionality will return.  In the meantime, while I admit its prettier, I’d like the old functionality back.