For those who weren’t paying attention, this post is backdated to fill in the time after the new baby was born.  I felt it was important for both myself and readers to have a good grocery record.  It has the numbers for me, and folks seem to find them interesting.

On Tuesday I went to Shaw’s.  I stocked up on oatmeal & pizza cheese, which I can only get there, as well as fruit cups, which were on sale plus I had coupons.


I also went to Wegman’s.  We’re not back in real meal planning yet, so these items are very flexible or long term storage friendly.


Saturday I went to Stop & Shop.  Lamb was on sale for Valentine’s day; yes, this is one meal’s worth.  Strawberries and butter was also on sale.  The Eggos were free after sales and coupons.


Apparently I paired my shopping this week because I also went to the farm stand on Saturday.


The green beans are to go with the lamb.  I caved to the raspberry begging.  None of this is local since its winter.