I must have been making up for last week because I went grocery shopping what seemed like almost every day this week.

First, I went to Stop & Shop.  The beef, ice cream, and blueberries were all buy 1/get 1 free.  The bread was on clearance, but will make for good french toast.  The wrapped package is cod for dinner tonight.


Then on Wednesday I went to Wegman’s.  The bag contains my free chocolate croissant; the bulk food container is dried strawberries and pineapple.  The prosciutto is to make quiche.


On the way home I stopped at Stop & Shop to pick up another round of buy 1 / get 1 free ground beef and a couple of items that Wegman’s doesn’t carry.


On Friday I stopped at Trader Joe’s.  I’m not there very often, but my boys prefer their fruit bars and yogurt sticks.  The coconut and carrots were purchased because that was where I was.  Now that I’ve used it though, I didn’t like the consistency of the shredded coconut at all and so won’t buy it again.  I was making macaroons and it was crispy and harsh instead of soft and fluffy.


Finally, on Saturday I went to the farm stand.  Being February, none of this is actually local.  The strawberries are wrapped as seconds, but we’ll eat them so fast it won’t actually matter.