This week was not overwhelming in the grocery department.

On Tuesday I went to Stop & Shop.  I think you can spot the post Easter sale items!


Then on Thursday I sent to Wegman’s.  Turns out these protein bars were a fail – too gummy.  I tried Wegman’s brand white grape juice since they didn’t have Welch’s.  It was ok, but we’ll go back to Welch’s, purchased elsewhere.  The other items are common for us.


This is the last month where we have a significant number of family dinners for a while.  Soccer kicks off next month, and then baseball in May.  They’ll occupy our evenings, except for a short respite in late June, until mid-August.

That being said, it was a nice, low month.  I’m starting to try to eat through the fridge/freezer in preparation for moving.  And, I did well on meat with the Easter sales.  In a turn of events, I only went to Stop & Shop once all month, but it was a large bill.

March TOTAL: $843.53

  • Stop & Shop: $143.52
  • Wegman’s: $311.88
  • BJs: $251.61
  • Other: $136.52
    • Local: $10.84
    • Star Market: $107.18
    • Trader Joe’s: $13.84
    • Target: $4.66
    • Other: $0