I had a few good photos and random thoughts from May that didn’t make other posts and aren’t significant for their own so I’m putting them together.

  1. After last year, a relatively mild winter was appreciated.  It wasn’t too cold and wasn’t too snowy.  But, it has taken quite a while to finish.  Even today it barely got out of the 60s and the forecast for tomorrow is cooler still.  April also seemed (I am not a meteorologist) pretty dry.  So, its been nice to have some rain in the past few weeks so the flowers can come out.
  2. Apparently I don’t use shampoo nearly as fast as I think I do.  I remember when we moved last time the folks helping me get the final few items boxed up commented on how many bottles of shampoo we had.  And, not little hotel bottles, but full size ones.  As I start packing again, I’m noticing that we again have a significant supply.  I will need to make a conscious effort to work this down.  Thankfully my hair is not too picky as long as I vary the shampoo every now and then.
  3. A significant roadwork project is underway to replace the water pipes in town.  Unfortunately I have to drive through it multiple times a day.  But, the boys find it very interesting and every now and then one of these huge boulders appears.  I assume they’re being dug out of the ground, vs put in, but I’ve only seen them sitting around.
    IMG_4633Yes, the car was stopped when I took the picture.  This happens a lot as the construction area is often a single lane.  And yes, that’s the bucket of a common sized excavator.
  4. I got a particularly good deal on gas last week.  I know prices have gotten lower, but I felt pretty good about 20 gallons for $30.  This was a combination of reasonably low prices and a middling amount of grocery gas points.