A few more trips this week, again nothing super significant.  This coming week I’ll be doing some stocking up as its the last week of preschool and therefore my last week to shop unfettered.

I was at Stop & Shop on Tuesday.  Very little of this was on sale, which is unfortunate.  The most unfortunate items is the tomato sauce which is often 3/$1 (vs this at $1.19!).  But, I’ve run out of my supply from the last big sale so I’m eking my way to the next one.


Tuesday I went to Wegman’s.  Milk here is still close enough to the BJs price that it makes sense, with the distances, to stock up closer to home.  For notes: (1) the fresh OJ was full when I bought it, but I had drunk most of it by the time I got home to take the picture and (2) annoyingly I forgot to purchase the crackers I like best with this fancy cheese so I’ll have to pick those up elsewhere/another time and delay my cheese eating.


Finally, I went to Stop & Shop again on Wednesday. I got some steaks, potatoes, and the shallot for a fancy dinner.  The crackers are to try with the cheese from above; not the same as usual, but hopefully they’ll work out.  The Eggos are substituting for my planned hot dog purchase, ie. dinner for a few of the small ones that night.  It looks like Stop & Shop will no longer be carrying the hot dogs we prefer, which may or may not be a problem.  I don’t by them that often, but Wegman’s doesn’t carry them either so I may be limited to Star Market and I’m just not there very often.