With the move coming up, July was predictably lower.  Not ridiculously low as we did still have to eat.  But, no stocking up means no big trips to BJs.  Plus we are our way through any remaining proteins in the freezer.

  • July TOTAL: $1012.66
    • Stop & Shop: $360.14
    • Wegman’s: $287.20
    • BJs: $131.62
    • Other: $233.70
      • Local: $113.44
      • Star Market: $120.26
      • Trader Joe’s: $0
      • Target: $0
      • Other: $0

On Tuesday, I made a trip to Wegman’s for the last batch of milk before the move, and a few other items.

Then on Wednesday, I went to Shaw’s and the farm stand.  The juice stock up is for the period we won’t have a fridge.

On Saturday, I made a quick trip to Stop & Shop for that night’s dinner.  We needed one more package of chicken to round out what came out of the freezer.  I also got a few purees for the baby as she doesn’t seem to wait on them until after the move.