Thanksgiving was pretty much the focus last week.  We also started the run-up to Christmas.

  • I finally got a picture of the baby with all her shoes.  Note, these aren’t actually all the shoes I’ve found in the hand-me down boxes.  But, these are all the size 2s which is her current size (note, this is the smallest size I found).  I don’t think there are more than 4 pairs of any other size.  This seems like an awful lot for someone who can’t actually walk.


  • We went Christmas tree shopping.  Many years back we had an artificial tree.  It got dusty and technology had advanced so we got rid of it and had real trees for a few years.  This year we decided to get a new fake one – LED, pre-lit, etc.  I had done some pre-shopping, but we ended up checking out Home Depot and BJs before settling on one from Lowe’s.  It’s not as thick as the old one, but it goes up much more quickly and I think we won’t notice once the ornaments are on.  One gripe I had about real trees is that often it seems like the ornaments are draped on the tree as there isn’t space for them to hang.
  • We also audited our string lights and discovered that they’re all indoor/outdoor.  I wasn’t expecting that, but we have more outdoor decoration potential here so it came in handy.
  • I got some new candles for the windows.  The ones we’ve had for the past 10 years were really dim so we’re trying a new brand.  I’ll see how one looks before opening the other boxes in case I need to return them.
  • I went to Kindergarten special person day with the baby.  We answered questions for the class about our family.