The days are numbered so here goes –

  • All the shopping is done!  Wrapping is another matter.
  • We had one play date.
  • We had 4 dentist appointments.
  • We held a birthday party.
  • We had our first skating lesson of the year.  Our kindergartner has decided he wants to give it another go.
  • I planned the Christmas weekend meals and necessary shopping.  This includes my trip to Stop & Shop last Saturday, a trip to BJs today, and trips to Wegman’s & the farm stand on Friday.
  • I reorganized the freezers.  We have 3.  Two came from the old house plus the new house came with one.  I wasn’t making the most of them and it seemed wise to sort them out before stocking up on Christmas roasts.  There was nothing I expected to throw out, I just wanted to resort so I could better optimize what was where for location and frequency of door opening.
  • So, on the left is the main part of the freezer in the kitchen before.  Top right was the top drawer on that freezer.  Middle right is the empty freezer that hadn’t even been cleaned/put back together since the move; this one is in the garage.  Bottom right was the other freezer in the garage.
  • I took all the meat out of wherever it was and sorted it.  The ground pork I put in the fridge for dumplings Saturday night.  Everything else went into the previously empty freezer.  It is farthest from the kitchen and is therefore opened the least often.


  • The closer freezer in the garage got all the bread – daily, banana bread, extra flour, etc.
  • The freezer in the kitchen got the ingredients, odds & ends, frozen vegetables, quick meal items, and ice cream.