Well, this month was VERY high.  Some of that is to be expected with the holiday meals – we had 3 big ones, and the holiday sales that allow you to stock up for the future.  But, this is still higher than I expected.  Hopefully it will be balanced out by a lower January.

  • December TOTAL: $1,642.06
    • Stop & Shop: $325.35
    • Wegman’s: $531.48
    • BJs: $356.26
    • Other: $428.97
      • Local: $198.35
      • Star Market: $119.21
      • Trader Joe’s: $48.85
      • Target: $62.56
      • Other: $0

I had hoped to have all of my shopping done for this week last week, but I forgot one item so I went back to Wegman’s on Monday.  The place was pretty empty, which was refreshing.  So, in the glare on the right is the clam juice I forgot.  I also got some crackers for my evening get together Tuesday night; flour, sugar, and Polar which were on sale through the end of the year; milk to last us the rest of the week; some sale M&Ms; meatballs, which they were out of last time I went; and extra lemons, salmon, and puff pastry for our Boxing Day dinner.


We won’t be eating leftovers this week, but I’m planning to eat through what we have.  I will be going to BJs, and maybe Wegman’s later in the week so we’ll see whether that affects the menu.

I decided to use up some of our vegetable leftovers by having shepard’s pie.  So, on Saturday I went to Stop & Shop for ground beef.  Everything else here was on sale except the fruit cups, for which I at least had a coupon, and the cheese, which we just use a lot of.