So, the Super Bowl was last night as we live in New England.  Yes, I did watch it.  Yes, I thought about turning it off at halftime.  No, I didn’t.  I saw the end.  But, that’s the reason this post is going up so late.

Now for the subject at hand.  After a huge month of December, January was far more reasonable.  This makes sense as there weren’t parties to provide food for and I didn’t stock up on meat the same as in December.  Hopefully, things will stay more like this going forward.

  • January TOTAL: $791.38
    • Stop & Shop: $84.09
    • Wegman’s: $525.95
    • BJs: $120.04
    • Other: $61.30
      • Local: $16.65
      • Star Market: $44.65
      • Trader Joe’s: $0
      • Target: $0
      • Other: $0

After no grocery trips last week, I did make four stops this week.  There was a quick visit to Shaw’s for pizza dough, pizza cheese, and oatmeal (no picture).

On Monday I went to Wegman’s.  I must say the peaches have been a disappointment.  Very stringy and mushy.  I’m going back to the Dole pack from BJs after this one.  This was a bit of an expensive trip with all the cheese.  I was also disappointed to discover that milk prices are going up so the milk alone was about $7 more than last time.

Then, on Thursday I went to Stop & Shop and the farm stand.  The cider and deli turkey are from the farm stand.  Everything else is from Stop & Shop.  Everything was on sale except the jalapeno and the hot dogs so this was more of a stock up vs getting ready for the week shop.


We did eat last week, though.

Saturday: gone

Spaghetti & meatballs

Kids: Eggs
Adults: Homemade pizza

Corn muffins

BBQ chicken

Spaghetti & meatballs

Kids: Chicken nuggets
Adults: Homemade pizza

Salmon with lemon-chive butter
Pan fried potatoes

Sunday (Super Bowl):
Homemade pizza