I feel like I was in and out of grocery stores all week.  No stop was particularly large, there were just a lot of them.

On Tuesday, I went to Wegman’s and Stop & Shop.  The first picture is Wegman’s.  Not all of this will be eaten this week (or next).  The fish is all frozen, for example.  Similarly, I intended to buy one pepper, but it was almost the same price as six so I got the larger pack.  I gave away two and we’ll plan to eat some extra salads to use up the rest.


This is Stop & Shop.  So why both in the same day?  Wegman’s doesn’t carry Kraft/Cracker Barrel and we have tried their cheddar and found it not as good.  The don’t carry either diced tomatoes or Russet potatoes in as large containers making Stop & Shop’s unit price better, especially when both are on sale.  Blueberries were buy one, get one free.


On Thursday I went to Shaw’s.  Why?  There are many reasons.  (1) The boys prefer their store brand of oatmeal.  (2) No other store in our area carries either Taster’s Choice French Roast or Kraft pizza cheese, both of which we prefer.  (3) While other stores do carry this pizza dough, I can purchase many at a time here and freeze them.  They’re all the same price.  I also picked up swiss cheese that I had forgotten from Stop & Shop.  I got some additional jalapenos because I decided two wasn’t enough.  And I grabbed a can of beans for chili, which I was told had to have beans in it.


On Saturday, I went to Stop & Shop again – different sale cycle.  Onions and chicken were buy one, get one free.  Orange juice was on sale plus I had both a store and manufacture’s coupon for two so I got an additional $2.00 off the sale price.  The cheese was on sale.  The tonic, mushrooms, and bananas we were just out of.


Finally, on Sunday, I went to BJ’s.  My primary purpose was diapers.  (We’re enrolled for Amazon’s subscription service, but its hard to match use to auto deliveries so I supplement with BJ’s.  Our next delivery isn’t until Friday and we weren’t going to make it that far.)  I got our usual milk and bread.  Shrimp and tuna had coupons.  The stir fry beef was for dinner that night.  Interestingly, the nut bars were free with a coupon.  But, they actually saved me $2.00 on my bill because the coupon rang up to the full amount even though there was an e-coupon for $2.00 off.  We’ve never had them, but just taking them out of the store was a bonus!


It was school vacation week so we went a bit easy on dinners.


Spaghetti & meatballs

Kids: Eggs
Adults: Homemade pizza

Corn muffins

Kids: Eggs
Adults: Homemade pizza

Fish tacos
Pico de gallo

Beef & broccoli stir fry