The week got off to a fairly standard start and then filled up.

  • We voted in the town election.
  • The boys went to two math mornings and one before school sports session.
  • The boys had swimming, skating, and adventure class.  Nobody attends more than two of these.
  • We had two baseball clinics.
  • I met with our landscaper and builder to discuss new outdoor projects and the status of some remaining punch list items, respectively.
  • I went to the preschool shop local fundraiser.
  • We had preschool picture day.
  • I threw out three pairs of pants that no longer had knees.  Despite today’s weather, that is a sure sign that spring is coming!
  • We hosted a play date.  I also babysat my neighbor.  These two things combined occupied most all of my time Friday so I didn’t get anything posted.
  • I started the activity sign-up, organizing process for this summer.  It’s amazing how early some places fill up, often before everywhere has even released their schedules.