• I used the sous vide machine a lot this week.  We made steaks twice, once from frozen which was a new discovery.  I also made a roast, salmon, and eggs.  So, five times total.  It cooks things through evenly, requires little supervision, and basically can’t overcook.


  • I finally got the two birthday parties worth of Thank You notes done.  Two more to go.
  • I talked to the town about being parked in by a construction truck.  I think it was a positive conversation.
  • We had one sick and one healthy person doctor appointments.  After some antibiotics everyone is doing fine and no additional people got sick.
  • We had another round of talking about a spot in the kitchen counter.  Next week the quartz vendor is coming to, hopefully, straighten everything out.
  • It’s been unseasonably cold.  And, even though there is snow on the ground, its so compacted as to be icy and not good for playing.  After two days of relative warmth its going back below freezing tomorrow.  The warm air must be somewhere!