It was an up and down week.  Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures to share for anything this week so it will just be text.

  • We went to two of the kids’ chorus concerts last week, so that made the title.
  • We had one playdate.
  • The baby and I finished up our doses of antibiotics.  Nobody else got that, but we did have one dose of the stomach bug last week.  Thankfully, nobody else got that either.
  • We had one well child doctor’s appointment.
  • We went to swimming, skating, adventure, and baseball classes.
  • We went to one birthday party.
  • I went to my friend’s house to offer some thoughts as she is looking to sell.
  • The hardwood flooring fellow came to tighten things up; the boards are expected to continue to move as they acclimate over many more months.
  • I got rear-ended.  It was minor, but I took it to the shop to get an estimate.  They’ll do the repair in another month.  (It drives fine.)
  • We got the final two spring soccer schedules.  If soccer was all, we’d do pretty well with having enough adults to cover all the games.  Of course, we have baseball to work in there also and I don’t anticipate having those schedules for another few weeks.