It was school vacation week so on Friday I took the boys to Launch (part of a group event).  This was planned well in advance, but it was a rainy day too.  The place seemed packed, but I’d never been there before so I’m not sure.  We jumped for 1.5 hours then had pizza and drinks for lunch.  Eventually, the boys found the arcade and the younger ones were definitely more interested in that vs more jumping.


  • I took my car in to get the bumper replaced from the accident.  They gave me a loaner car.  I got my car back in three days, which really isn’t too bad.
  • The oldest went to four baseball practices.  Games start this week.
  • We also had skating and soccer.
  • The preschooler went to a birthday party.
  • I went through the boys’ closets and moved along anything that had gotten too small.  It doesn’t look like we need much for this summer, which is great.
  • We went to the shoe store to have all their feet checked.  Only the oldest needed new shoes.
  • We tried on all the swimwear.  Turns out we only need new items for the oldest and youngest.  We may also need a few water shoes, but those haven’t been checked yet.
  • I went through the next size hand-me-down box to see what girl options I have for this summer.  There are some gaps there so I’ll be looking for a few items.
  • I did most of the rest of the summer activity signups.  Two left.