It did rain Monday, so that baseball game got bumped to Tuesday.  But, otherwise the week’s schedule played out fully for maybe the first time this spring.

  • Our two older soccer players had travel evaluations.
  • I took the younger two to an animal show at preschool.  Sorry for the blury pictures.  Neither animals nor children were up for staying still.  It’s an armadillo.  Our youngest was particularly fascinated that it could roll up into a ball, softball sized.


  • We had three soccer games plus four baseball games.  No soccer practices this week between the rain and the concert.  We went to two baseball practices.
  • We missed one baseball game for the 5th grade spring concert.  This wasn’t popular, but school activities take precedence.
  • We went to one playdate and one birthday party.
  • I finally got the car rental associated with the rear ender repair sorted between Commerce and Enterprise.
  • Our oldest had a baseball hitting lesson.
  • I turned in registration for preschool next year.
  • I registered for fall soccer for three and summer soccer camp for one.
  • We went to the BBQ festival.  This is popular every year.