I am not a meteorologist, but this summer seems cooler than usual to me.  I think we’ve had a typical amount of humidity and rain.  But, the temperatures are another story, particularly during the week.

Since the boys got done with school (the last week of June + all of July), the actual high temperature has reached 90º three times and 91º once.  The other end of the spectrum is even more telling.  We have had 15 days where it didn’t reach 80º, including three where it didn’t reach 70º!

July is typically our hottest month, which an average high of 82º.  That may not seem that hot, but we do usually have our fair share of high 90s days to balance out the 70s.  This year’s highs so far range from 64º to 91º.

Now, I shouldn’t complain.  Mostly its been a great summer to be outside.  But, I miss swimming and its just been too cold for that most days we’ve been scheduled for swimming lessons.  It’s not fun to be in an outdoor pool when its 60º and cloudy.  We had 11 scheduled.  We’ve missed 5 for equal parts 60º weather (lessons are 4-6 pm so even if the high is higher by late afternoon its cooling off) and thunderstorms.  Today is the last day.  It’s plenty warm, but the forecast is for thunderstorms.  We’ll see what happens.