I’ll cover what we did over the summer in a variety of posts through the fall, but for now let’s focus on the past 10 days or so.

School started on August 29.  But between the slow uptake and misc. holidays, we don’t have a true full week of school until the week of Sept 25.  What did we do with the extended summer?

  • We went blueberry picking.


  • We’ve been to the farmer’s market a few twice.  We made our annual trip to Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • The weather has been gorgeous so we’ve spent a lot of time outside.  And, BBQing.
  • I tagged many items for the sale at the end of the month.  Many more to go.
  • We had visiting day and the first day of preschool.  There was some apprehension about the new classroom, but it has evaporated.
  • I’ve caught up on some things that had been getting pushed off all summer.  But, I’m sure it will be at least the end of October before the backlog is cleared.
  • Fall baseball and soccer have started.  We had 3 soccer games.
  • Middle school had picture day.
  • Two went to a Red Sox game with town Little League.

This week the remaining fall activities will start bringing us to our full schedule for this year.