Yes, I had both the preschool and middle school conferences last week.  One of the middle school teachers wasn’t available at the regular conference times so I’m meeting with him in two weeks, but that’s only a 10 minute conference.  Getting the bulk down is good enough.

So what else happened?

  • It was first grade math night.  For this one, specifically, they look for older siblings (grades 4+) to volunteer so the older three boys went also.  They ran some of the stations for the first graders.  All seemed to do a good job with their tasks and the evening went smoothly.
  • We went to four swimming lessons, one gym class, one open swim session, and one open gym session.
  • I went to a school meeting regarding teen sleep vs school start times – info only, no decisions at this point.
  • The twins went to math morning.
  • The process of setting up baseball teams for next year got underway.
  • I planned the Thanksgiving menu and did most of the non-perishable shopping.
  • I’ve continued to make progress on the top-down house cleaning project.  This week I unpacked and put away three of the remaining boxes from the move.  That helped me finish off one room.

That will be it for this week.  I’m taking Thursday and Friday as holidays so I’ll post again next Monday.