Yes, the big item of the week was that we hosted a total of 14 people.  Everything went smoothly.  We spatchcocked two small turkeys vs cooking one big bird.  That really cuts down on oven time, and when you’re eating at lunch means not getting up ridiculously early.

The second big item was I had my TSA Pre-Check interview, and got approved within the same week!  I wasn’t doubting getting approved, but I had heard that one had to apply for this months before one’s travel date.  Apparently that is no longer the case.  I filled in the form online, had the interview, and got approved all within the month of November.

Less significantly:

  • Three boys had swimming lessons.
  • Two went to math morning.
  • I went to a meeting to discuss the future of Halloween celebrations at school.
  • I fitted the kids for gloves and boots (last items on the winter clothing checklist).  Gloves we’re all set.  Boots we need one pair.  All in all a pretty efficient year.
  • A bag of “lost” items was returned to us from school, about a month after it disappeared.  Nothing very valuable, but nice to have it back.  I also tracked down another child’s lost gloves in the school lost and found.  At the moment, nothing is lost.
  • We put up the tree, candles, and exterior Christmas decorations.  Still a few more things to do inside.

Apologies for the late post.  And, the lack of pictures.  I noticed a bunch of blogs I follow were off schedule-wise this week also.  Seems to be part of the season!