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Korean Stir-Fry with Pork and Asian Noodles

I’ve been trying some new recipes while we are between baseball and soccer seasons.  First, right off the bat, this is a recipe we would try again.  That being said, I think some comments and modifications are in order.


Some notes about us, because that may affect how you perceive the comments:

  • We don’t eat many stir frys.
  • We’ve never had veggie noodles.  And, I’m the only one here who really likes sweet potatoes.
  • I haven’t cooked these noodles or with Korean BBQ sauce before, but those both seemed well within our reach.
  • I am a zero pepper person, though most of the family would prefer things spicier.

There are definite pros:

  1. This recipe is super easy.  The most time consuming thing was cutting up the pork.  Plus, it gives suggestions for preparation that can be done in advance.
  2. It is good and was accepted by all the kids.
  3. It’s quick, and makes a complete meal in one pot.
  4. The ingredients are not hard to find.  I did not buy all of them at Stop & Shop, despite this being their recipe.  I’m sure I could have.

But, I would change things up a bit:

  1. It needs more sauce, like double the amount.
  2. And, I think pretty much anyone could handle a spicier sauce.  They sell a spicy Korean BBQ sauce also which I would recommend.
  3. The sweet potato noodles felt a bit gimicky.  They tasted fine and were cooked properly, they just didn’t seem necessary.
  4. On the other hand, this could easily be made vegetarian by leaving out the pork.  You wouldn’t be missing much, but I would leave the sweet potato noodles in.

In summary: more sauce, possibly spicier, and leave out either the sweet potato noodles or pork.

**Stop & Shop is not everywhere within the US.  In the Metro DC area, for example, it is known as Giant.  Maybe other names elsewhere.